Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Cumulo Wealth – Strategic Management of Your Financial Affairs
We have considerable experience in assisting clients in terms of wealth creation and perhaps more importantly, in the management and preservation of that wealth.

The mission of our sister company, ‘Cumulo Wealth’ is to achieve a positive influence on the financial wellbeing of everyone that we are involved with.

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Acquire Wealth
Helping you to manage your financial affairs is what we do – helping you to grow your personal wealth is part of that role. There are many ways to invest and grow your wealth – our skill is in knowing the right people to chose which is the right way for you. ……continue reading this article

Protect Wealth

Life changes, political and economic fluctuations or poor planning can all effect your net worth over time – it’s impossible to control all of these factors – it is however possible to mitigate these effects.

Pass on Wealth

 There was a time when squirreling the ’readies’ into a shoe box under the bed was all there was to it –  and the joy to be had was in the counting it of it!

 Well thats one approach.

At Cumulo we believe the fact is that managing your wealth is so much more than just ensuring there is something to cushion the next generation with – its about making sure that its done as efficiently as possible whilst allowing you continued enjoyment of the  benefits of your prudency.

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